An odd title in a shooting blog but veggies can be shooters too. Most likely clay shooters or target shooters but nether the less they are part of the shooting community.

Now I’m writing this one as more of an extended Facebook post type scenario. Usually I tend to write how too guides but bare with me. I’m no columnist.

Let’s start by pointing out this is not a veggie bashing blog post. If that’s how you choose to fuel your body, crack on and you know what, fair play. If you can get through life without eating an animal and your happy then good on you. Now me, I like bacon too much. But I digress….

Back to the point… Essentially, I came across a veggie the other day at work after mentioning something about rabbit shooting. Another colleague quickly shushed me pointing out the colleague sat at the other end of the table was a veggie. (Doesn’t it annoy you when people take offence on someone else’s behalf. Let them have their own outrage and pipe down.) So before I could start my usual spiel about “I eat free range organic meat that’s higher welfare than a cow in India.” Said Veggie piped up. I thought here we go HR’s coming… But no, I got one of the most reasonable vegetarians I have ever had the pleasure of speaking too. They were completely on side. She quickly shot my other colleague down, explaining she used to be a meat eater but decided if she couldn’t kill it, prepare it and cook it herself that she wouldn’t bother. She then proceeded to explain my own argument to everyone there. My Argument being an animal that’s wild, hasn’t been stuffed full of antibiotics, force fed and crammed in a cage it’s entire life is a much more ethical choice of food stuff than the range of Ginsters pasties and caged egg sarnies about the lunch table.

So next time you come across a veggie give them a chance, and if you come across those militant ones (usually with a series of piercings across their face looking like they got cought up in your tackle box) take a breath and explain the alternative and that they should probably start with the Tesco caged egg eaters before the person with the courage and knowledge to prepare free range, organic food for their families. So like I always try to point out be an ambassador and show off the shooting community in a good light.


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