Social Media and Shooting

I originally wrote this article on my phone, but due to stupidity I managed to loose it whilst in offline mode, so had to write it again. Note to self save your work. Now I shall move on to telling you how to be better with IT…..


As well as being a keen shooter I work in the world of IT. Social media is ingrained in our way of life now and it’s not going anywhere. I thought I would pen down a few words about social media in relation to shooting.

Social media a double edged sword

So social media like many technological advancements is a double edged sword. Something that can draw old school mates back together and in our instance provide a forum in which shooters can share stories and swap advice on everything from clays to stalking. And then to the more sinister side, from breaking of privacy and again, in our instance, for anti shooting peoples to stalk us.

I run a shooting group on Facebook, I work in IT and I’m very security savvy but I cannot account for everyone in our group. It’s a double edged sword, we give ourselves a forum in which we can have fun and learn things but we also open ourselves up to more sinister things.

So here’s a few tips on being safe online from the perspective of a shooter. Remember to check;-

Privacy Settings – we show a lot of information about ourselves online. For years marketers had to pay us for our information in surveys, now we just offer it up free of charge. We don’t just offer this up to marketers we offer it to everyone, who needs to know your date of birth? people to wish your happy birthday or someone who wants steal your identity and run up some debt. Mothers maiden names, addresses mobile numbers and a whole host of other information I can use to hack your accounts security settings. So stop offering it up, go to Facebook and use the view my profile as function (google it) and check who see’s what, not even your friends need to see most of the stuff up there, if they’re friends they should know your birthday. Anti hunting types trawl Facebook shooting groups looking for targets whom have poor security settings, they could do anything from sell your “fulls” (“Fulls” a portfolio of information enough to open a credit card account online) to stalking you when you go out. Hunt saboteurs thrive on information obtained freely publicised by ourselves.

Your Friends list – Remember that fit bird who added you with the big tits, the one way out your league who you didn’t actually know , the one with the bikini photos you were perving on, yes her. It’s more likely a him! The internet is full of “bot” Facebook accounts designed to entice you in and click accept friend request. They do this so they can see the information you tried to secure by following the paragraph above. Criminals are looking for “fulls” provided by fools. Don’t think too that because you have mutual friends that they are OK, remember your mates are perves too.

We go Fishing not Phishing – We have all seen them, the guy in the Facebook group that shares the lude video, “step dad bangs step daughter” or “check out this woman banging a tiger.” guess what not even that idiot would actually share the fact he is a perv to the whole world, but he did click the link himself. A link which directs us to another “spoof” page that looks like the Facebook login only at a different URL(web address) we then foolishly put our password into the box, the spoofed page redirects us back to Facebook and we never got to see the woman getting banged by the tiger either… What’s just happened is our details have been phished, we’re now part of the botnet army posting rubbish to Facebook groups to trick more unwitting people.

Watch what you post – when you write something on social media it’s the same as writing on paper, you are liable for what you type. Don’t argue, don’t make veiled threats and think before you speak. I’ve long thought the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked. Well here’s the exception to the rule, If you have a .22 on an FAC don’t ask if it’s OK to shoot Roe Deer with it. As well as anti hunters, Licencing staff trawl Facebook shooting groups too. They’re hunters also for the most part. If they see your from their patch you may get a visit. Google everything first before posting, it might just stop you from looking stupid. Oh and JOIN BASC! they have a hotline and they will answer any questions for you. That’s not to say don’t post in groups, but groups are for opinion, which wellies, which decoys, where is good for a driven day, etc.

So my final piece of advice – if I haven’t scared you off the internet yet, check your passwords out are they all the same? Yes, well they shouldn’t be change them. remember when we got phished for clicking the tiger video, they had our password and email combination which they can use to hack all our accounts. Here’s a tip for passwords;-

Capitals, special characters and numbers but memorable enough to remember but different enough that the bots cant use it on every site. Choose a secure password and change the ending dependant on what you’re signing into. e.g.

Password£1234fa – Facebook
Password£1234ho – hotmail

I hope this has been useful, and coherent. I quickly rewrote this whilst in a rush so I haven’t even spell checked, I’m sure you’ll let me know in the comments. If you really want to learn more about the saudid underbelly of the internet google future crime by Marc Goodman, it’s on audible too.

Advice from the Police, NCA and BASC


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